Hey.  My name is Elyse.  I've returned to Sydney after 18 wild and fun years as an expat and I live to travel, sew and opshop.  I'm a single mother and freelance creatrix (sometime writer, editor, crafter, sewist, proofreader, designer, photographer, teacher...) currently devising my next plan for world domination.  At the moment, I am obsessed with finding vintage tapestries in op shops, Yasujiro Ozu films and Kernow chocolate. My blog is about all the things I love - travel, fabric, craft, op-shops, simple living, organic and wholesome food, design, sewing, writing, yoga, reading, eco-consciousness ...  and my struggle between wanting to be a minimalist and wanting to attempt every craft I can think of.  I hope you can find something here that is useful or inspiring.  Have a lovely day.



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